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BARTBay Area Rapid Transit (San Francisco, CA)
BARTBaronet (title of nobility below baron)
BARTBest Available Retrofit Technology
BARTBiological Activity Reaction Test
BARTBalloon Analog Risk Task
BARTBay Area Rural Transit (Ashland, WI)
BARTBasic Arrhythmia Recognition and Treatment (certification)
BARTBrain Attack Response Team
BARTBiomedical and Robotics Technology (Lab; Mahidol University, Thailand)
BARTBig Ass Red Truck (slang for a fire truck)
BARTButterfly Analysis and Review Test
BARTBilling and Analysis Reporting Tool (NASA)
BARTBasic Application Run Time (IBM, OS/2)
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The evening came to an end at last, but Kate had yet to be handed downstairs by the detested Sir Mulberry; and so skilfully were the manoeuvres of Messrs Pyke and Pluck conducted, that she and the baronet were the last of the party, and were even--without an appearance of effort or design--left at some little distance behind.
Sedley had put into a purse for her, and as soon as she had done wiping her eyes with her handkerchief (which operation she concluded the very moment the carriage had turned the corner of the street), she began to depict in her own mind what a Baronet must be.
Presently the baronet plunged a fork into the saucepan on the fire, and withdrew from the pot a piece of tripe and an onion, which he divided into pretty equal portions, and of which he partook with Mrs.
She was close--very close," said the Baronet, simply; "but she was a valyble woman to me, and saved me a steward.
It is likewise needless to say that the driver, if he had any such hopes as those above stated, was grossly disappointed; and that the worthy Baronet whom he drove to the City did not give him one single penny more than his fare.
So it is, Joe," cried the Baronet, approvingly; "and I'd like to see the man can do me.
Tinker, flinging down the coin; it's only baronets as cares about farthings.
I am afraid the baronet, whose name you are unwilling to mention to me, has done you some grievous wrong?
Baronet, third in the race 12 months ago, was in a prominent position as the field moved onto the final circuit.
I am very pleased to report the results of the Baronet #3 well as it took somewhat longer than anticipated as extra care was taken to insure a successful effort and a good down hole completion.
The current mansion, was built by the 7th baronet, also Edward, to reflect the considerable wealth and status that the family enjoyed.
The various units and the ladies of the Northern Brigade were all on their best deportment as they were introduced to the Baronet.