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BRSBaroreceptor Sensitivity (medical analysis measure)
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BRSBudget and Reporting System
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Baroreceptor Sensitivity (BRS) is a measure of heart's capacity to efficiently alter and regulate BP in accordance with the requirements of a given situation.
The medication was shown to improve standing heart rate, standing blood pressure, and baroreceptor sensitivity (Kanjwal et al.
2] Asanas such as paschimottanasan have been proved to increase baroreceptor sensitivity.
31] measured a similar increase in baroreceptor sensitivity after application of SOD1 and catalase to the nodose ganglia of healthy rabbits, though the effect was mild and not reversed by washout of the SOD or catalase.
If neostigmine and atropine are administered simultaneously, cardiac baroreceptor sensitivity is disrupted at least for 2 hours.
Effects of moderate exercise training on plasma volume, baroreceptor sensitivity and orthostatic tolerance in healthy subjects.
One, CPAP may reduce sympathetic activation by causing a resetting of baroreceptor sensitivity.
False positive responses to head-up tilt occur more commonly in young compared with elderly controls probably reflecting the known decline in baroreceptor sensitivity with advancing years (8).
They concluded that the fall in blood pressure during induction with thiopentone and propofol is due to decrease in systemic vascular resistance and decrease in cardiac output and alteration in baroreceptor sensitivity.
In a similar investigation of pain perception and orthostatic manipulation, Shimoda and Ikuta (47) compared the heart rate variability scores and spontaneous baroreceptor sensitivity of 20 healthy male volunteers in a horizontal position and a 70[degrees] head-up tilt.
It is unlikely to be related to the reduced high pressure |15~ and low pressure |16~ baroreceptor sensitivity seen with age as even in healthy young individuals hypovolaemia alone is not a potent stimulus to thirst |13~.
Autonomic dysfunction in advanced liver disease is associated with decreased baroreceptor sensitivity to hypotension, leading to impaired blood pressure & heart rate responses.