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BARRBlock Aircraft Registration Request (National Business Aviation Association)
BARRBritish Association of Road Races (est. 1984; UK)
BARRBoard on Agriculture and Renewable Resources (Washington, DC, USA)
BARRBump and Run Reversal (stock trading)
BARRBlissful Acres Rescue Reserve (Bend, OR)
BARRBureau of Aeronautics Resident Representative
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In the year 1861 Barr Lassiter, a young man of twenty-two, lived with his parents and an elder sister near Carthage, Tennessee.
For Barr Lassiter has answered "Here" to the sergeant whose name is Death.
Barr Lassiter felt himself an old man, and had almost expected to find the place a ruin and a desolation.
It's important for our industry because that's where most of our capital is coming from," says Barr.
Barr brings over 12 years of international experience to Ted Moudis Associates, having worked extensively in Europe and Asia as well as in the United States.
This can lead to difficult-to-debug bugs in embedded software, with potentially deadly human consequences in safety-critical automotive systems, medical devices, and industrial equipment," said Barr, a noted industry expert and former adjunct professor at the University of Maryland.
Roger White, the current boss of AG Barr who will head up the new business, admitted up to 12% of staff could be slashed over the next three years.
It was taken over by brother Andrew Greig Barr in 1892.
In March 2011, Barr further demonstrated her commitment to improving reentry services by developing a program to assist ex-offenders in applying for their civil rights to be restored.
In Division II, Barge Albion are in pole position, but depending on remaining results and the outcome of an abandoned game, they could have to wait to see if they can be caught by Barr Street - and that would force a play-off for the title.
Barr is professor of piano accompanying and chamber music at the Eastman School of Music.
Barr have been working on the launch of Barr's Originals for the last couple of years.