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The current policy covers about 2,800 railway stations and 40 bus terminals, where the operators are required to achieve the goals for improvement in their efforts to secure barrier-free paths of travel, including eliminating unnecessary gaps and installing elevators.
Since 1994, they have been processing standards for barrier-free transport chains, requirements for vehicles, infrastructure, information systems and other facilities.
This contract are to perform the work for basic repair and barrier-free expansion of the station building and the track, and the renovation of the supports of the station.
Contract award: u5, construction of barrier-free stations.
GloPhone offers a cost-effective, barrier-free communications solution that can be accessed anywhere in the world, anytime
Contract notice: Hollabrunn; station renovation (phase 1), construction / renovation station hollabrunn renewal platforms, construction barrier-free access.
The FLEXITY trams will allow us to replace the high-floor Tatra cars with newer low-floor ones, facilitating our continual effort to provide the disabled with barrier-free train stop facilities.
Will be created barrier-free apartments and a new office for the Sparkasse Offenburg / Ortenau for this nursing home on the land acquired in the center of this within an overall concept further.
Formed in 2002, ATS was developed to ensure that BMO implements the right computer-related hardware and software that assists in creating a barrier-free work environment for people with disabilities.
Contract relates for the traffic safety measures for a total of two above-ground stations within the barrier-free and handicapped expansion of the light rail line U5 in Frankfurt am Main.
The physical design of the Scalar i2000 combines from one to four 19-inch rack-compatible modules which share a single, barrier-free robotics mechanism.
Contract notice: The establishment of barrier-free access in the railway station curia.