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BARTBay Area Rapid Transit (San Francisco, CA)
BARTBaronet (title of nobility below baron)
BARTBest Available Retrofit Technology
BARTBiological Activity Reaction Test
BARTBalloon Analog Risk Task
BARTBay Area Rural Transit (Ashland, WI)
BARTBasic Arrhythmia Recognition and Treatment (certification)
BARTBrain Attack Response Team
BARTBiomedical and Robotics Technology (Lab; Mahidol University, Thailand)
BARTBig Ass Red Truck (slang for a fire truck)
BARTButterfly Analysis and Review Test
BARTBilling and Analysis Reporting Tool (NASA)
BARTBasic Application Run Time (IBM, OS/2)
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It's not considered a serious, violent offense, but it is something that we take seriously," BART Deputy Chief of Police Ben Fairow told (http://www.
NBC, pressed for time, called The Bart the winner and wrapped up its race broadcast, a network error unsurpassed until the 2000 presidential election.
As Bart accepted his nomination, he thanked his fellow dancers for their support, a highly unusual gesture of peer recognition from a Palais Garnier dancer.
This is an innovative and exciting opportunity to market the BART system to maximize the return on our taxpayers' investment and to generate new sources of revenue to help fund critically needed improvements to our transportation operation," added BART General Manager Richard A.
I look forward to working with them, Bart Hester, and the entire Cypress Care organization to provide our clients with workers' comp PBM services second to none and to achieve the company's strategic, operational and financial objectives.
Today we're laying the groundwork to support a healthy system through a major rehabilitation of the Bay Area's regional rail system and to extend the useful life of the investment made by the public in BART more than 22 years ago," Baker said.
Eighty winners will receive a complete set of Oakland Athletics BART ticketbacks (featuring Barry Zito, Nick Swisher, Bobby Crosby, Rich Harden, Eric Chavez and Huston Street.
In a few weeks, call Bart and invite him and Noreen.
BART Plus users get up to 20 percent off the combined BART-bus cash fare.
The FSN Bay Area Collectors' Series follows a similar promotion created by FSN Bay Area and BART during the 2005 Major League Baseball season for the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics.