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BASARBrain-Averaged Specific Absorption Rate
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There is a big possibility to increase Qatar's imports from Turkey in the fields of household and food products because Turkey is one of the biggest exporters of these items to many countries in Europe, so there are also big opportunities in Qatar as well," Basar told Gulf Times.
p] is introduced and studied in the case 1 [less than or equal to] p [less than or equal to] [infinity] by BaSar and Altay in [42] and in the case 0 < p < 1 by Altay and BaSar in [43].
Organized and to be led by London-based writer Shumon Basar, writers, curators, journalists and critics are discussing various elements of media and art and the confluence of the two in our world today.
La idea es basar la economia en los intereses de los trabajadores y no de los millonarios del mundo", destaco Ulman, quien intenta por segunda oportunidad llegar al sillon municipal.
Not surprisingly the consensus was hot and spicy, so they added the likes of fresh garlic, ginger, masala and a special Punjabi basar mix to the usual potatoes and carrots.
17 years) of Kerala, Moonis Khan (15 years) of Madhya Pradesh and Ipi Basar (16 years) of Arunachal Pradesh have been given the Bapu Gaidhani Awards.
Cleveland Police today hailed its tactics in dealing with drug farms, citing its successful investigation in organised crime and drugs Operation Basar.
Those who participated in Qirat and Naat competition including Qari Naseerulla, Qari Muhammad Malik, Wiqat Ahmad, Saeedur Rehman, Shujar Rehman, Khurshid Ahmad, Abdul Ghani, Maqsood Ahmad, Suhail Ahmad, Noorul Basar and Qari M.
Veysel Basar, a member of the executive board of the Human Rights and Freedoms (IHH) Humanitarian Aid Foundation, told the A.