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AcronymDefinition (Blizzard Entertainment)
BNETBusiness Network (various organizations)
BNETBentley Intranet
BNETBilly Noguera Entertainment Group Inc.
BNETBritain-Nigeria Educational Trust
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Massive teams with Blizzard Entertainment for ads on its Web sites and Battle.
William Ding, CEO of NetEase, stated, ''We're excited to be partnering with Blizzard Entertainment to bring StarCraft II and Battle.
The tournament is open to all Brood War players who earn 10 wins in open play over Battle.
Seamless one-click free access to online gaming via Battle.
More than 18 million games have been played over Battle.
This month, MultiPlay launched the first local Battle.
Diablo, the first Blizzard title to include Battle.
net/wow/en/blog/16561637/603-hotfixes-november-15-11-15-2014) According to Battle.
The testers will provide performance feedback on Battle.