BBSMBuilding Broadband Services Manager (Cisco)
BBSMBehavior Based Safety Management (various organizations)
BBSMBroad-Band Sleeve Monopole
BBSMBulletin Board System Mailbox
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Since BBSM is an active social media marketing company that provides these services for its customers, we're always on the cutting edge of this technology," says BBSM Co-Founder Curt Maly.
Having the knowledge is one thing, but being able to quickly and easily put that knowledge into practical application is the key to a successful marketing plan," says BBSM Co-Founder Nick Bridges.
BBSM provides plug-and-play access, customizable portals and support for multiple authentication and billing options.
The Cisco Building Broadband Solution that CBSHN has selected for Park Place hotel properties includes Cisco Long-Reach Ethernet, BBSM software platform and the Cisco uBR-7100 Universal Broadband Router to provide revenue-generating services to individual hotel rooms.
The Cisco BBSM platform enables property owners and service providers to create tiered service levels in order to deliver targeted customer offerings.