BCARDBritish Columbia Aquaculture Research and Development Council (Canada)
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So that exhibitors could capture leads from attendees' NFC digital badges, ITN adapted its lead retrieval app, BCARD Reader, to read those badges both on Android and WP8 phones.
Exhibitors who used BCARD Reader either on an Android or WP8 phone could capture a lead from an attendee's NFC digital badge by touching the phones together.
The transport of contact data from the NFC digital badge to BCARD Reader took place through an operational mode of the mobile devices known as “peer-to-peer.
SmartElection terminals were installed by bCard that automatically tabulated the votes and processed 1,200 voters in three hours.
Widely known for its BCARD credentials and RFID technology leadership, ITN products and services create outstanding experiences and meaningful interactions among show organizers, exhibitors and attendees.
All attendees and Novell staff at BrainShare 2000 will be issued a Novell digitalme bCard and the bCard will be used as the official login tool to the NCP (Novell Connecting Points) as well as the official session authentication tool.
bCards will also be used as lead management cards, and each sponsor will be equipped with bCard incentive and lead management solutions.
amp;uot;We are very excited to have Ryan on board,&uot; said Ivan Lazarev, President of bCard.
With over 3 million bCards distributed at 750+ events worldwide, ITN's technology solutions power tradeshows and events to deliver quantifiable, reliable results.