BDRSBipolar Depression Rating Scale
BDRSBattlefield Damage Repair System
BDRSBoston Dispute Resolution Services (Boston, MA)
BDRSBritish Double Reed Society (UK)
BDRSBlessed Dementia Rating Scale (clinical screening instrument)
BDRSBerkeley Dispute Resolution Service
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Statistical significant difference was observed in the diseases like carious teeth, BDRs, missing teeth, impactions, prosthesis issues between both genders (p<0.
Assume valores de 1 para as empresas negociadas no Novo Mercado (NM), nivel maximo de governanca corporativa e 0 para os demais segmentos, Niveis 1 e 2, BDRs e segmento tradicional.
Reliability of the BDRS was tested by using two measures: (a) internal consistency and test-retest measures.
When the session started in February our focus changed to thoroughly examine the language of BDRs that became a bill and as a committee decide and recommend that NNA either watch, or monitor for changes in language, or oppose or support.
Banco AlemA[pounds sterling]o, the SA[pounds sterling]o Paolo-based subsidiary of global custodian Deutsche Bank was selected to issue the programmes for the BDRs of ten other US companies on 5 October.
The carers' global impressions of the functional severity of dementia, as measured by the BDRS, correlated moderately well with patients' total MMSE score ([r.
Many BDR requests have become bills by late January.
The Levy Board last month announced cuts in its contribution to BDRs by up to 68 per cent, which racecourses are trying to facctor in to next year's prize-money budgets.
From 5 October, 10 unsponsored level one BDRs -- which are derivatives based on individual underlying stocks -- will be available for trading on BM&F Bovespa.
SA), considered to be the world's third largest exchange operator by market value, has announced that it has selected Citigroup Inc's (NYSE: C) Brazilian unit to handle trading of BDRs, or Brazilian Depositary Receipts.
There are 232 assets traded using market makers in the equities market, including BDRs (Brazilian Depositary Receipts), ETFs, investment funds and stocks.
Banco Santander shares will be traded on the Sao Paulo stock exchange through Brazilian Depositary Receipts or BDRs.