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BEACBanque des États de l'Afrique Centrale
BEACBarents Euro-Arctic Council
BEACBoard of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications (established in 1997)
BEACBroadcast Educators Association of Canada
BEACBudapesti Egyetemi Atlétikai Club
BEACBusiness/Education Advisory Council
BEACBond Election Advisory Committee
BEACBuilders Exchange of Alameda County (San Leandro, CA)
BEACBrighton-Eggert Animal Clinic (Tonawanda, NY)
BEACBoeing Employees' Autosports Club (Seattle, WA)
BEACBlack Employees Advocacy Coalition
BEACBerea Entrepreneur Assistance Center (Berea, KY)
BEACBroadcast Educators of Canada
BEACBarium Enema with Air Contrast
BEACBase Enlisted Advisory Council (US Air Force)
BEACBest Electrical Automation Controls, Inc (Manila, Philippines)
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But the men of the Normandy beac hes left us a country which we should cherish,always.
The Prime Minister's wife, dressed in a smart cream suit and matching heels,braved the muddy conditions and used the occasion to reminisce ab out train journeys from her childhood home in Waterloo to Southport beac h.
Naomi Gilyeat, 22,left her handbag and mobile phone on Ainsdale beac h, near Southport, bef ore fleeing with 29 year -old boyfriend Sam Brown to Somerset.
The mission met with the Honorable Obami Itou, President of the Senate; the Honorable Koumba, Speaker of Parliament; State and Finance Minister Ondongo, Special Presidential Advisor Gokana, National Director of the BEAC Ondaye Ebauh, and other senior officials.
Her handbag and mobile phone were found by a walker on Ainsdale beac h,more than three miles from her parents'home in Seafield Road.
Peter was found on the beac hand it seems he had been in the water,possibly in the shallows.
Within Merseyside,I suggest: Port Sunlight -for the Lady Lever Art Gallery; Hamilton Square-to view the Victorian Squareand for the Liverpool Ferry; Formby/ Freshfield -for the beac hand red squirrel reserve,or St Helens Central -for the World of Glass etc.
Like my many friends who walk dogs on West Kirby beac h,I always pick up what they do immediately, not several minutes later.
I regularly see steaming great piles of horse dung on the beac hand that is never picked up, unless Mrs E.
AS I DROVE with my three-year-old granddaughter towards West Kirby beac h,on a recent sunny day,I pondered on how lucky we were to have such wonderful facilities right on our doorstep.
More seriously, the generation of British heroes who fought the good fight for us all in WWII from beac hes to jungles,across oceans and skies are disappearing daily.