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Our team has successfully developed this amazing antenna covering all bands, keeping a low VSWR, high gain and maintaining a stable 30/30A beamwidth across the complete frequency range," said Ben Bar, Galtronics' EVP Sales and Marketing.
Antenna beamwidth control using parasitic subarrays, In: IEEE AP-S Int.
The customer antenna has very narrow beamwidth, typically about 2[degrees] to 3[degrees].
The P66 uses a single element with a beamwidth of 45 degrees while the TM260 uses 7 elements that narrow the beam to 19 degrees and provide 50 times the sensitivity to the returning signal.
In addition to its scanning capability, the antenna provides beamwidth control functionality.
To improve performance when using between tall buildings, Sarantel antennas all have a beamwidth in excess of 130(degrees), allowing it to pick up satellites close to the horizon, which significantly improves its positional accuracy.
The N5S field interchangeable antennas concentrate the elevation beamwidth of the B400 series radar down to 5x allowing new and existing users of the radar to detect - out to 15km - both walking humans in very flat terrain and small boats over water.
The 256 beams with a three dB azimuthal receiving beamwidth of 3.
Additionally, this new design for fixed wireless offers narrow beamwidth which, combined with advances in power control, allows equipment to automatically adjust power over a large range to account for rain attenuation, maximize frequency re-use, and provide a means to reach a greater number of locations.
The new Ruckus high-density Smart Wi-Fi solutions, which include one of the first ultra high-capacity outdoor Smart Wi-Fi access points (APs), the ZoneFlex (TM) 7782-N, a remarkably compact and lightweight system, combines specialized smart sector antenna technology that narrowly focuses Wi-Fi signals within a 30-degree beamwidth with advanced software capabilities that optimize capacity and minimize interference through predictive channel selection (ChannelFly).
It used Sar techniques and exploited the fact that since the radial velocity of the ground relative to the aircraft varies with the angle from the aircraft track, the antenna beamwidth could be considered as a series of angular sub-divisions, each having radar returns with a slightly different radial velocity, a characteristic that could be used to discriminate between them.