Bed-StuyBedford-Stuyvesant (New York City neighborhood)
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They developed 964 Greene Avenue and other Bed-Stuy HPD projects with Dunn, and allegedly provided sham invoices to cover up kickbacks from contractors.
The reason is as straightforward as it is unmentionable in polite society: Bed-Stuy is the home of a high-crime population hostile to outsiders.
Bird thus works (again) as an emblem of racial difference, but he also functions as an analogy for whites like Clifton in Do the Right Thing, who carve out a niche in Lee's neighborhoods: because such men are exceptions, black characters admit, perhaps even grudgingly admire, their earned right to work in Bed-Stuy or in the NBA.
The hearings featured testimony from insurers, as well as Procope, other brokers in the Bed-Stuy area and local labor officials.
From generating millions of dollars in home financing to rehabilitating abondoned buildings, Bed-Stuy Restoration showed that community redevelopment goes had-in-hand with economic development.
These 'awards' may seem funny, but the conditions under which we are living is no joke," said Bed-Stuy resident Ari Estrella.
But if you're a black boy on the wrong corner of Gary, Indiana, or Chicago or Bed-Stuy, you can get shot.
Known as "The Bed-Stuy Bully," Siya is an attractive, outspoken openly gay female rapper.
Neil Coulon of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn said that he's been repeatedly barred from the NICU, once for 20 minutes, by the superstar couple's private security.
The lawsuit, filed in September 2009, alleges the Bloomberg administration steered affordable housing to Kings County Democratic Leader Vito Lopez and United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, at the expense of other rival Hasidic groups and African American residents of Bed-Stuy.
His purchase agreement requires him to keep all apartments affordable, but Moragianis says charging market rent isn't realistic anyway: "The neighborhood doesn't call for that to begin with" With 28 percent poverty in 2008, Bed-Stuy was the eighth poorest community district in New York, according to the Furman Center