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BABachelor of Arts (degree)
BABritish Airways
BABath (postcode, United Kingdom)
BABusiness Administration
BABay Area (of San Francisco)
BABank of America
BABack Again
BABad Ass
BABritish Association
BABatting Average (baseball)
BABuenos Aires
BABusiness Analyst
BABudget Activity
BABahia (Brazil)
BABudget Authority
BABell Atlantic (telephone company; now Verizon)
BABilling Address
BABreast Augmentation
BABeer Advocate (website)
BABerufsakademie (German; University of Cooperative Education)
BABank Austria (Austrian Bank)
BABreathing Apparatus
BABlocks Against (basketball scoring)
BABiological Assessment
BABreathing Air
BABritish Association (screw thread)
BABarrel Aged (beer)
BABuilding Automation
BABowling Alley
BABad Attitude
BABosnia Hercegovina (ISO country code)
BABusiness Aviation (charter flights)
BABundesanstalt für Arbeit (German: federal job office)
BABad Apples (Guns N' Roses song)
BABasal Area
BABile Acid
BABnei Akiva (Jewish Zionistic youth group worldwide)
BABrachial Artery
BABibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria, Egypt)
BABus Adapter
BABiosecurity Australia (created October 2000)
BABudget Analysis
BABalloon Angioplasty
BABiological Abstracts
BABari, Puglia (Italian province)
BABinding Acknowledgement
BABasic Access
BABeerenauslese (German wine)
BABasic Agreement
BABusiness Agent (labor unions)
BABlood Agar
BABehaviour Analysis (psychiatry/psychology)
BABasic Allowance
BABiblical Archaeologist
BABankers' Acceptance (finance)
BABattle Area
BABass Amplifier
BABonne Action (French: good deed)
BABank Asia (Bangladesh)
BABrandy Alexander (cocktail)
BABill Acceptor
BABraking Action
BABattlespace Awareness
BABank Angle
BABasic Assembly
BABearing Area
BABuilding Approval
BABangladesh Army
BABuoyancy Aid
BABritish Africa
BABaccalaureus Artium (Bachelor of Arts degree)
BABudget Authorization
BABoston Acoustics, Inc. (speaker maker)
BABayard-Alpert (ionization gauge; physics)
BABus Arbiter
BABattlefield Area
BABattlefield Awareness
BABurglary Alarm (alarm industry)
BABridge Architecture
BABlack Ajah (Wheel of Time series)
BABilling Adjustment
BABotrytis Affected (wine; Botrytis Cinerea, aka Noble Rot)
BABehaviour Aggregate
BABible Advocate
BAB'nei Akiva
BABridge Administration
BABinary Add
BABar Arcade (IRC network)
BABritish American Oil Company (pre Gulf Oil)
BABattle Assembly
BABergen Academies (Hackensack, New Jersey)
BABuild & Acquire (system development)
BABallistic Aggregation
BABison Ambassadors
BABattery Adjust
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BABattle Allocation (Carnage Blender gaming)
BABattery Activate
BABattle Allocation (gaming)
BABranch Assistant, National Staff
BABridging Alternative
BABobtopian Army (gaming clan)
BABridle Arrester (Finnish Pprivate torrent tracker)
BABachelieres Arts (degree)
BABruce Almighty (movie)
BABratislava (Slovakia)
BABuffer Amplifier
BABombs Away
BABenefits Administrator
BABritish Aerospace
BABroker Associate (real estate)
BABronze Age
BABoeing Aerospace
BABooksellers Association
BABen Affleck (actor)
BABroward Alliance (Florida, USA)
BABombardier Aerospace (aircraft manufacturer)
BABronchial Asthma
BABrutal Attack (band)
BABlack Arrow
BABrewers Association (Boulder, Colorado)
BABryan Adams
BABowling Association
BABlaqk Audio (band)
BABosnia and Herzegovina (top-level domain name)
BABritish Academy (UK)
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e: (as in schnee--German) ee e beerenauslese (a sweet white wine)
They are labelled in order of sweetness from kabinett, sptlese, auslese, beerenauslese, eiswein to trockenbeerenauslese.
A pairing that illustrates the success of his mono-varietal approach is a trio of crudos titled "Roots, Shoots and Fruits" that is composed of fluke with nori and sesame seeds, sea salt aioli and shaved radishes paired with a Clare Valley Riesling; Hamachi and red beet pickle garnished with roasted beets, frozen grapes and sorrel with a Mosel Kabinet or Spatlese that has just the right level of ripeness and residual sugar for the dish; Snapper seasoned with fresh wasabi, diced cucumber, micro cilantro, sweet lemon gelee and wasabi Tobiko with a German Beerenauslese.
In the dessert wine category there is Beerenauslese and the even sweeter Trockenbeerenauslese.
Special wines for Christmas include Premier Cru and Non-Vintage Brut Champagnes, Beerenauslese dessert wine and three chateau bottled clarets at just pounds 7.
Lenz Moser Beerenauslese 1988 - superbly rich wine from Austrian with nut and caramel overtones.
The degree of sweetness can be judged in ascending amounts of sugar by one of four terms: spatlese, auslese, beerenauslese and trockenbeerenauslese - the last two of which are honey - like and almost syrupy.
A Beerenauslese (a late harvest dessert style) Riesling would be a nice compliment to desserts like pumpkin pie, lemon creme brulee or apple pie, however Austrian sweet wines are complete and can stand on their own.
Kabinett is the driest (probably medium-dry to a palate used to Sauvignon), then Spatlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese, to Eiswein, made from grapes that have frozen to further intensify the sugars.
The top wines are Auslese and Beerenauslese (selected bunches of grapes).
Among the more interesting parcels were three magnums of 1976 Rheinhessen Beerenauslese which, if well stored, could be sublime.
What to drink: A late-harvest, Beerenauslese or vendange tardive Riesling PARMESAN CUSTARDS (Serves 8) 300ml single cream 300ml whole milk 100g Parmesan, finely grated 4 egg yolks Cayenne pepper 12 anchovy fillets 50g unsalted butter 8 very thin slices of pain de campagne Sea salt and finely ground white pepper 8 x 80ml ramekins or ovenproof dishes, buttered Method Mix the cream, milk and all but one tablespoon of the Parmesan in a bowl, place it over a saucepan of boiling water and warm it gently until melted.