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The result will be the exact opposite to what was the case earlier when the Thinni government in Beida was accepted internationally and the Ghwell National Salvation 'Government' in Tripoli was rejected.
Selon les responsables, Sita El Beida dispose de 9 Boms, 3 Bennes satellites, 2 Multi bennes, 3 TP, 1 Balayeuse, 1 Laveuse, 1 Trax, 1000 Conteneurs sur l'ensemble de la ville et un personnel estime a 138 agents communal, 80 agents Sita, 60 interimaires.
The is currently visiting the eastern region of Libya and called on Beida after a similar visit to the border town of Tobruk on Monday.
Unlike his Beida colleague, He Weifang, Zhu sees no inherent problem in using former military officials as judges in courts of first instance.
Abdulrazaq Al-Jaml, a journalist with insight into Al-Qaeda, said the ten alleged Al-Qaeda members were not from Beida.
The Libyan official said Al_Husdi has an assistant, named Khairallah Buraasi, a resident of al Beida City.
During the day, a small ceremony will be held in Camp Minurcat Goz Beida, during which the Deputy Force Commander Brigadier General Ger Ahern will present shamrock to members of the battalion.
The most famous of which is the Karst Beida cavern.
Chad rebels who entered the country from Sudan are within about 100 kilometres (60 miles) of the strategic town of Goz Beida.
5 million, Bouabdallah said on the sidelines of a visit paid by Transports Minister Amar Tou to the maintenance base of Air Algerie in Dar El Beida (Algiers).
Am Dam is located 110km from Goz Beida to the northwest, which the rebels briefly occupied on Saturday.
A number of humanitarian personnel were evacuated at their own request by Dutch vehicles and brought to the Irish-led multinational battalion at Goz Beida.