BEKIBeth El Keser Israel (New Haven, CT)
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In the tape, a voice ostensibly belonging to Erdoy-an tells Beki about a political debate on a live show hosted by the Star daily's Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Karlioy-lu.
GARDEN WORK: Camp Hill Primary School pupils Reece Cope and Analise Turner help Groundwork's Beki Davies.
Twelve films will compete in the festival's national feature competition, the jury for which will be headed by Beki Probst.
Beki Davies, a community project assistant with Groundwork, said: "We would like to develop our work in the area to the benefit of the local community and are looking for local people who would be interested in restoring The Nook area and Miners' Causeway and preserving the heritage of the site.
Birmingham-born DJ and model, Beki La Femme, is currently the Friday night resident at Baker's nightclub, Broad Street.
Another columnist for Radikal, Akif Beki, is also hopeful about the fate of the Kurdish issue in 2013 as there is a great chance meetings with PKK chief Abdullah Eucalan will yield results.
Community beat officer Beki Taylor, who patrols the beat with PC Paul Carruthers, said: "We know this problem is affecting the quality of life for people living in the Camp Hill area, particularly around Hazel Road and Queen Elizabeth Road.
Former Sheldon dancer Beki La Femme plays herself in the film, which is otherwise filled with a cast of unknown actors.
As Radikal's Akif Beki put it, if you were to take 2012 out of Turkish history, it would not be noticed as there have not been any radical measures taken regarding curbing the military's power in politics or major democratic reforms in the past year.
Now community beat officers PCs Beki Taylor and Paul Carruthers have devised a time-table during which people can pop along and share concerns or problems.
Beki Probst, head of the Berlin Film Festival's European Film Market, said that 2000 was the first year that Internet companies had applied to attend the festival and that 2001 could see their breakthrough as players in the European film business.