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BELBelgium (ISO Country code)
BELBehind Enemy Lines
BELBharat Electronics Limited
BelBelorussian (linguistics)
BELBennett Environmental, Inc. (stock symbol; formerly the symbol for Bell Atlantic)
BELBrazila Esperanto-Ligo (Esperanto: Brazilian Esperanto League)
BELBelem, Para, Brazil - Val De Cans (Airport Code)
BELBasic Equipment List
BELBasic Expedition Leader (outdoor education)
BELBureau d'Etude et de Liaison (French: Office of Study and Association; est. 1959)
BELBachelor of English Literature
BELBusiness Element List
BELBuchanan Environmental Ltd (Fredericton, NB, Canada)
BELBMC3 Engineering Lab
BELBulk Excavation Level (civil engineering)
BELBusiness, Economics and Law (various locations)
BELBrown Electronic Lab
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They said that Belarus was also developing its international banking system for facilitating national and international investors and the business community for bringing them to Belarus.
As pointed out by senior Chinese leadership at the Forum, Belarus is the "route must take" in Eurasian land transportation as it has unique geo-advantages for joint construction of the Silk Road.
Like many countries in the region, Belarus has faced a steady decline in the number of school-age children over the past two decades.
The Prime Minister said the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National Assembly of Pakistan was planning to visit Minsk in October and hoped that parliamentary delegations from Belarus would visit Pakistan soon.
An agreement on cooperation between the parliaments of Belarus and Kazakhstan is supposed to be signed among other things.
The Iranian foreign minister pointed to the Iran-Belarus relations, and said, "Iran and Belarus have always shared an understanding on the international scene and will continue to support each other in the future.
He added: the delegation's visit will take two days to meet with officials in the provincial government aims to discuss ways to develop relations between Belarus and the Kurdistan region, after the successful visit by the minister to Baghdad last month.
Bushara a souligne avoir informe le ministre de Belarus des Affaires Etrangeres sur les actualites au pays tout en appelant a l'importance de renforcer les relations bilaterales, reiterant que le Soudan aspire a profiter de l'experience Belarus dans le domaine petrolier.
Government assistance to Belarus focuses on supporting the Belarusian people in achieving a government that respects democratic rights and fundamental freedoms.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at a Belarus summit bringing together heads of state of former Soviet nations that Moscow was prepared to scrap oil export duties for all members of the Customs Union, despite the loss of revenue this would entail for the country's budget.
However, Sechin, who is a close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, appears committed to maintaining strong business ties with Belarus, a lucrative market for Russian energy firms due to an export tax waiver.
Al Mansouri welcomed the Ambassador of Belarus, wishing him success in his work to enhance relations between the UAE and Belarus.
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