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BDSHUBenares Hindu University (India)
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What is little known is that, in contrast, Benares Hindu University was set up to promote politics as the Italian scholar Marzia Casolari documented in an article in Economic and Political Weekly (13 April 2003).
Singh, Principal Secretary(Urban Development, Govt of UP), Divisional Commissioner of Varanasi, Vice-Chairman of Varanasi Development Authority, Municipal Commissioner of Varnasi and other concerned senior officials of UP Government besides members of the Steering Committee on Kyoto-Varanasi Collaboration Agreement, representatives of JICA and Benares Hindu University attended the meeting.
Malviya who set up the Benares Hindu University was instrumental in the coming together of Hindu Mahasabha and Arya Samaj in 1923 to make common cause on issues like cow slaughter and reconversion.
The prime minister also said that he wants the entire sprawling campus of Benares Hindu University to be converted into a Wi-Fi zone and to ensure that every school of Varanasi had separate toilets for boys and girls besides drinking water.
The BJP attacked the poll panel for its decision and Modi retaliated by holding a road- show along the route from the Benares Hindu University to the party's headquarters in Varanasi.
He graduated in medicine at Benares Hindu University, later becoming a lecturer in surgery at Sawai Man Singh Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur.
Thomas holds a master's in business administration from the University of Chicago, a master of science in mechanical engineering from the Ohio State University and a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the Institute of Technology, Benares Hindu University in India.
He has received honorary doctorate degrees from Benares Hindu University and Khairagarh University.
The article also covers worship of goddesses at domestic shrines and during special annual celebrations, such as Sarasvati Puja at Benares Hindu University.