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BBKBundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe (German)
BBKBig Brake Kit
BBKBank of Bahrain and Kuwait
BBKBB King (blues artist)
BBKBoy Better Know (band)
BBKBilbao Bizkaia Kutxa (Bank of Bilbao, Spain)
BBKBirkbeck College (University of London; England, UK)
BBKBandar Baru Klang (township; Malaysia)
BBKBarclays Bank of Kenya
BBKBundesverband Bildender Künstler (German: Federal Association of Artists)
BBKBrauner-Briggs-Klar (wave function in atom-electron scattering)
BBKBeneficiary Bank
BBKBasketball Baseball Kickball (game)
BBKBibliothekarisch Bibliographische Klassifikation (German)
BBKBilateral Below Knee (amputation)
BBKKasane, Botswana - Kasane (Airport Code)
BBKBritish Born Killers (gaming clan)
BBKBe Back Ok?
BBKBenkard Bario Kings (gang)
BBKBank of Bilbao (Spain)
BBKBack Behind Keyboard (internet slang)
BBKBeatbox Kids (gang)
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4A does not apply to withdrawals from a bank account in cash or by check, as no receiving or beneficiary bank is involved in an electronic transfer of funds.
For the majority of inter-regional electronic settlements, files sent in the first clearing batch are cleared with same-day value and, depending on the value dating policy of the beneficiary bank, are normally available to a beneficiary for same-day settlement.
As in the case of the notice regarding a beneficiary bank's reliance upon numbers to identify a beneficiary, banks will usually insist on inclusion of this notice regarding the identification of intermediary and beneficiary banks.
SFHG will provide credit enhancement to the guarantees provided by SMEGC by making a cash deposit of not more than 20% of the guaranteed cofinancing loan amount in the beneficiary bank of the guarantee.
If the beneficiary bank is not a Swift system user, the field "58D" should be used according to the bank's identification symbol.
However, in cases where the money is released to an incorrect beneficiary because a sender provided the wrong account details, Lloyds TSB said the remitting bank would work with the beneficiary bank to try to get the funds remitted back to the sender.
To ensure that banks that receive such guarantees pay a fair fee to the state in exchange, it will oblige the states, when notifying a new guarantee (or extending an existing scheme), to indicate the fees due by the beneficiary bank evaluated ex ante at market price and, within three months following implementation of the guarantee, a re-evaluation of these fees in terms of market developments.
National Bank of Pakistan has remained the biggest beneficiary bank since the inception of this mechanism by processing 32% of total inward home remittances, followed by United Bank Limited with 27%, Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited (18%) and Habib Bank Limited (12%).
With this new service, the credit to the beneficiary bank account is offered instantly to Axis Bank and near instant to other banks in India.
The move will help the bank to extend its US Dollar Express Wire for Asia services, which will allow faster execution of US Dollar payments by sending transactions to the beneficiary bank in Asia without loss of time.
The remitting customer needs to furnish the following information for effecting RTGS/NEFT remittance: Amount to be remitted, name of the beneficiary bank and branch, name of the beneficiary customer, core banking account number of beneficiary customer, the IFSC code of the receiving branch, if available with the customer.