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BJKFBenzo (j+k) Fluoranthene
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When dealing with prolonged withdrawal syndrome, there is limited evidence in terms of the chronic neuroplastic changes that occur with benzo dependency regarding recovery of receptors and biochemistry homeostasis.
The benzo diazepam - once called valium - is the most commonly prescribed controlled drug in Britain.
A Compassion of the Tumurs induced by Coaltar and Benzo (a) pyrene in a 2-year Bioassay, Carcinogenesis: 19, pp.
In 2012, Alex Heriot, 19, swallowed Benzo Fury at the RockNess Festival in the Highlands.
The founder of Angelus, Maryon Stewart, said, "These are dangerous substances: Benzo Fury is a strong stimulant and NBOMe is a powerful psychedelic.
The BAF for the three locations (Table 5) indicated that values for phenanthrene, pyrene, benzo(a) anthracene, chrysene, benzo(b) fluoranthene, benzo(k) fluoranthene, benzo(a)pyrene, dibenzo(a,h)anthracene and benzo (g,h,l) perylene were higher than 1.
The Irish Daily Mirror understands police are investigating whether any of the friends consumed pellets of Benzo Fury, also known by its chemical format of 6-APB, before becoming sick.
Summary: Spanish Ambassador Miguel Benzo Perea said on Wednesday that his country would offer $1 million to support cluster-bomb clearance operations in the South.
Alysha Benzo won the 100 and 200 freestyle events to pace Lebanon to a 104-65 Midwestern League win over Churchill at Echo Hollow Pool.
In June, Alex Herriot, 19, of Portobello, Edinburgh, died after taking Benzo Fury - supposedly similar to ecstasy.
Two members of his party were also hospitalised after consuming the drug and police are currently investigating whether Benzo Fury was the cause of his death.
We think the Pittsburgh Wine Festival can find a better partner to give the proceeds of this event to instead of a predatory conglomerate that had $9 billion in revenues last year," said Evelyn Benzo, also a Braddock resident and SOCH steering committee member.