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Beshtbet shin tet (Rabbi Yisroel ben Eliezer)
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In contrast, the Besht sought to bring God to the common Jew, so he rejected their separatist nature.
The Besht not only rejected self-mortification, but he mandated the use of material pleasures as a means of spiritual elevation.
The Besht warned people against such practices, fearing that they would lead to melancholy, not joy.
Okay I've had a little soshal drinkie tonight with my other besht friends who I don't know their names but I always ushually think that's when I do my besht work because it's when I feel good.
My other lovely besht friend Andy who looksh like a Swan Veshta wantsh the poor people in his shopsh but says he will tell them off and get a policeman if they try to buy drunkies.
Prominent among the third generation of Hasidic masters, called Rebbes or Zaddikim, was Nahman of Bratzlav (1772-1810), a grandson of the Besht himself.
His attempt to parallel late twentieth century Judaism with the time of the Besht and the Maggid reinforces this parallelism of his stories with theirs.
In Souls On Fire, he opens the possibility of beginning from nothing but the aleph-bet, when he retells a story in which the Besht manages to recover all of his powers simply through his scribe's knowing the aleph-bet.