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Thereby we do state that the betterness/worseness relation would have obtained between A, B and p under the counterfactual circumstance in which A would have obtained Consequently, the following is absurd: "Not to exist would have been better/worse for p than to exist, if p had not existed.
BETTER/WORSE OFF - April 2010 to April 2011 - pounds 8.
BETTER/WORSE OFF - after Budget - 19p better off due to the decrease in petrol prices.
BETTER/WORSE OFF - after Budget - 40p worse off because of excise duties increase on alcohol BETTER/WORSE OFF - April 2010 to April 2011 - pounds 9.
BETTER/WORSE OFF - after Budget - 23p better off due to decease in petrol price BETTER/WORSE OFF - April 2010 to April 2011 - pounds 21.
When we start talking about abilities, or other personal attributes that can be arrayed along a general evaluative better/worse, success/failure, more/less) dimension, motives other than or in addition to self-evaluation get into the act.
Conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights, Toronto, the survey produces an index score that measures the level of confidence small business owners have in the Canadian economy based on key indicators, including how they think their business is performing, if they believe the next year will be a better/worse year for business and if they expect their business will grow/shrink next year.
Parents are able to ask why their school did better/worse than last year and demand explanations.
Better/worse off: From April they'll be better off by 64p per week from the child benefit increase.
Better/worse off: From April the couple should be around pounds 4.
Better/worse off: From April 2011 Vicki will be pounds 3 per week worse off when the National Insurance change begins.