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BRDBundesrepublik Deutschland (German)
BRDBard (gaming)
BRDBovine Respiratory Disease
BRDBiomedical Research Database (US DoD)
BRDBig Red Dog
BRDBergrettungsdienst (German: Mountain Rescue)
BRDBusiness Ready Data
BRDBiological Resources Division (USGS)
BRDBusiness Requirements Document
BRDBycatch Reduction Device (fishing industry)
BRDBeyond a Reasonable Doubt (legal)
BRDBusiness Requirement Document (EAN)
BRDBig Red Dragon
BRDBrisbane River Dragons (Australia)
BRDBeyond Reasonable Doubt
BRDBook Review Digest
BRDBlue Ray Disk
BRDBanca Romana de Dezvoltare (Romania)
BRDBrainerd, MN, USA (Airport Code)
BRDBaton Rouge Diocese (Baton Rouge, LA)
BRDBest Radar Detectors (Jackson, NJ)
BRDBiological Research Division (USGS)
BRDBlack Rock Desert
BRDBanque Rwandaise de Développement (French: Rwandan Development Bank)
BRDBlack Rock Depths (MMORPG World of Warcraft)
BRDBroken Rail Detection (railroads)
BRDBuild, Release, Deploy
BRDBackground Review Document (NIH)
BRDBlack Rifle Disease (obsessive interest in the AR15/M16 rifle)
BRDBlack Rose Dragon (YuGiOh)
BRDBulk Relative Density (asphaltic concrete)
BRDBlack River Digital
BRDBubba Ray Dudley (wrestler)
BRDBusiness Requirements Development
BRDBomb Release Distance
BRDBooster Requirements Document
BRDBiocidal Products Directive
BRDBlack Runed Dagger (gaming)
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304 (2002), the court also ruled that Atkins did not adopt any particular standard of proof in prohibiting states from executing individuals with a mental retardation and thus Georgia was not precluded from imposing the beyond a reasonable doubt standard on claims of mental retardation during capital sentencing.
In those circumstances you must give the benefit of the doubt to the accused and acquit because the Crown has failed to satisfy you of the guilt of the accused beyond a reasonable doubt.
The Supreme Court of Colorado ruled that on those facts there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knew there was marijuana in the suitcase.
22) In Winship, the Court held that the "Due Process Clause protects the accused against conviction except upon proof beyond a reasonable doubt of every fact necessary to constitute the crime with which he is charged.
If you find that the State proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the office of the sheriff did not misinform (defendant) or did not otherwise prevent [him] [her] from complying with the registration requirements, you should find (defendant) guilty, if all of the elements of the charge have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
The Court concluded that this evidence was not sufficient to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant predisposed to commit the crime of receiving child pornography through the mail.
The court explained that the statute does not create a strict liability possession crime because the statute provides that if the defense is raised, the state retains the burden of overcoming the defense by proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knew of the drugs' illicit nature.
However, in this case, the Court concluded that the defendant's 1984 lawful purchases and his expression of certain generalized personal inclinations to view teenage sexual material was not sufficient to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was predisposed to commit the crime charged, independent of the Government's coaxing.
but did not but you are not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that [he] [she] personally [carryied] [displayed] [used] [threatened to use] [attempted to use] a firearm, then you should find [him] [her] guilty only of (felony).
Both Blake and Simpson were acquitted by juries that found that prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they committed murder.
end strikethrough] and you also find beyond a reasonable doubt that during the commission of the crime, (defendant)