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BGDBangladesh (ISO Country code)
BGDBillion Gallons per Day (water flow measurement)
BGDBanque Gabonaise de Développement (French: Gabonese Development Bank; Libreville, Gabon)
BGDBlack Gangster Disciple (gangs)
BGDAir Bangladesh (ICAO code)
BGDBusiness Group Director (various organizations)
BGDBrassica Genome Database
BGDBureau de la Gestion de la Détention (French: Detention Management Office)
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The completion of the Regent Publishing Services deal announced on Friday and the BGD Australia deal announced above has required significant input from the Group's CFO and Finance department.
8 Thus we have observed an involvement of younger patients by BGD in our experience, which may be due to geographic or lifestyle reasons.
It can be seen that the value of effect size increases by increasing the level of BGD between No-Low and Low-Med.
Other BGD tattoos include a heart with wings, flames, tail, horns and a bent-eared Playboy bunny.
BGD managing director Mike Mourant said: "Our aim is to bring retail standards to wholesale deliveries, as buyers and logisticians in that market adopt the retail processes.
The control circuitry includes self cut-off and BGD decoder (TTL driver optional).
Irrigation is the top freshwater use--134 bgd in 1995.
BGD claims to offer natural flavourings free from preservatives and additives.