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BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
BGPBig Rapids (Amtrak station code; Big Rapids, MI)
BGPBorland Graphic Protocol
BGPBill Graham Presents (music promotion)
BGPBachelier en Gestion des Peches (Bachelor of Fisheries Management)
BGPBlack Gospel Promo (Bala Cynwyd, PA; music promotion)
BGPBiology Graduate Program (multiple locations)
BGPBinary Ghost-Pulse Constraint
BGPBusiness Graphics Products
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Earlier this year, BNGEC had signed BGP Part 1 EPC contract with JGC Corporation, Japan, for the gas processing train for recovering high-value-added products (propane, butane, and naphtha) contained in the associated gas with a capacity of 350 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD).
Houve divergencia entre as especies do grupo I, com relacao a vitamina C--(BGP 008--apresentou valor de 79,90 mg de acido ascorbico/100 g, BGP 114-41,94 mg de acido ascorbico/100 g e BGP 357-24,38 mg de acido ascorbico/100 g).
check] EBGP (External): When BGP is used between autonomous systems (AS), the protocol is referred to as External BGP (Kevin Butler, Toni Farley, Patrick McDaniel and Jennifer Rexford, 2005).
In Section 4, taking RFD, RFD-HT and PED as references, we evaluate the reduction of BGP churn and the impact on convergence duration and convergence delay when PEA is deployed.
La propagacion de informacion local hacia otros PEs es completada usando las extensiones multiprotocolo de BGP [7].
Granular and water dispersible granule formulations, doses of application, times of treatment, and application technology of the soil insecticides imidacloprid and thiamethoxam were evaluated to control BGP in infested vineyards.
The routing information exchange between routers is accomplished primarily through BGP via the Internet.
The vulnerability has to do with 4-byte Autonomous System numbers in BGP updates.
The cars, christened the Brawn BGP 001, appear to be competitive despite the fact that the team has had to do pre-season testing without a buyer for the team or even knowing if the new car would ever see a GP grid.
Like many owner-managers, who have been involved with BGP over the last 20 years, he is already seeing the value of outside input in improving his firm's efficiency, operating performance and service to customers.
Summary: Petro-Canada Oil and BGP signed a 3D seismic acquisition contract.