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BGSUBowling Green State University
BGSUBisexual, Gay, Straight, Undecided
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Mark Cloutier, CEO of Amsterdam-based Brit Group, adds, "This opportunity provides a springboard for BGSU to grow into this [property E&S] space in a coordinated, yet distinct manner, from our established London business while at the same time furthering our commitment to Lloyd's as our core trading platform.
The BGSU research team collected existing HDD specifications from various municipalities and agencies in Ohio and other states.
Its placement also works with pedestrian circulation,' McArthur noted, and is in keeping with the BGSU Master Plan goal of providing enhanced campus walkways and appealing outdoor spaces.
The university worked with Toledo, Ohio-based Madhouse, a production company run by BGSU alumni that produces the Falcons' football commercials, and composed the lyrics, with students Mikey "Rosco" Blair and Rachel Willingham performing.
85) See Tom Troy, BGSU Officials Linked to Role in SB 5 Draft, TOLEDOBLADE.
David Meel of BGSU's Department of Mathematics and Statistics for providing the placement exams and for helping us understand the placement process at BGSU.
I was a candidate for tenure at BGSU when the monograph was published.
According to BGSU the bus is equipped with Hybrid Booster Drive (HBD) technology which utilizes energy ordinarily wasted when the vehicle brakes to electronically assist acceleration.
Bowling Green, OH: BGSU Center for Family and Demographic Research.
This year, BGSU and Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
A common pleas judge ruled that Maxine Allen, telephone coordinator at BGSU, had been fulfilling the duties of telecomm manager while not being given the title or the salary of the position.
The BGSU program was very successful and operated for over 10 years, recycling more than 25,000 pounds of mercury from sources throughout Ohio and EPA region 5," stated McManus.