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BHNBe Here Now (Oasis album)
BHNBright House Networks (telecommunications; est. 2003; various locations)
BHNBrinell Hardness Number
BHNBanco Hipotecario Nacional (Spanish: National Mortgage Bank; Panama)
BHNBurba Hotel Network (Costa Mesa, CA)
BHNBasic Human Need
BHNBehavioral Health Network, Inc. (Springfield, MA)
BHNBio Huma Netics, Inc. (Chandler, AZ)
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With this acquisition, BHN now services the entire eastern half of the U.
BHN provides medical equipment, staff, software, and supplies to perform these advanced tests, while also offering non-surgical incontinence treatment options in certain geographic areas.
Fourth, HUD-approved nonprofit counseling agencies, which include the Freddie Mac BHCs and BHN, can reach a lot of potential borrowers.
Casting sections closer to gates and risers may have slower solidification that would lead to larger secondary dendrite arm size and a lower BHN than rapidly cooled areas (with smaller dendrite arm spacing).
So, for an effective hunting load, we're looking for a bullet with a BHN hardness of at least 15 and preferably greater, configured for a gas check.
In addition, BHN has kept open an active, two-way dialogue with the physicians, to keep them in the loop.
The clerk turns out to be the second ex-wife and the first is also staying at the hotel along with the current girlfriend and Ginger seems to have a cyberstalker from the BHN blog.
2 alloy formula, which is rated at about 15 BHN up to linotype alloy, which is generally said to be about 22 BHN.
Truline bearings can be used with all shaft or housing materials from 145 to 500 BHN and the bars are available in a range of sizes and lengths.
2 AISI 4130 grade, preheat-treated to 269-321 Bhn (28-34 Rc); and D-M-E No.
Janowak says that using only BHN as an indicator of machinability "can lead to erroneous, often costly, results.
Now, thanks to LBT, I can smother even the toughest critic by quoting an exact BHN (Brinnell Hardness Number)--the load in kilograms which can be supported by one square millimeter.