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BiPAPBilevel Positive Airways Pressure
BIPAPBiphasic Positive Airways Pressure
BIPAPBiphasic Intermittent Positive Airway Pressure
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One of the key benefits of the BiPAP A40 is an innovative ventilation mode called AVAPS-AE, which helps to guide clinicians during the initial titration of therapy, while maintaining comfort and improving efficacy for the patient.
In our case, the patient reported a marked reduction in anxiety once BiPAP was applied and later reported a sense of relief that the caesarean section had been able to be performed under regional rather than general anaesthesia.
OBJECTIVE: To investigate if the early use of NPPV in the forms of CPAP and BiPAP together with standard medical therapy (ST) in AAE can decrease time of response to therapy compared to ST alone.
Bilevel positive airway pressure, or BiPAP, is useful in patients who can't tolerate standard continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) because of expiratory discomfort.