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But no matter how fast these electrons spiral, they can't radiate away the 73 billion and 95 billion electron volts the two photons carried.
The Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) uses superconducting cavities routinely to collide electron with anti-electron (positron) beams, each carrying a punch of 5 billion electron volt energy.
09 billion electron volts, seems precariously low if the census of particles is truly complete.
The team examined two years of LAT-detected gamma rays with energies in the range from 200 million to 100 billion electron volts (GeV) from 10 of the roughly two dozen dwarf galaxies known to orbit the Milky Way.
It will map the gamma-ray sky at energies from 30 million to more than 300 billion electron volts.
The two speediest neutrinos, nicknamed Bert and Ernie when they were announced in April, struck the ice with more than a million billion electron volts of energy.
While the energy of visible light falls between about 2 and 3 electron volts, the LAT detects gamma rays with energies ranging from 20 million to more than 300 billion electron volts (GeV).
This will detect gamma-ray photons between 30 million electron volts (MeV) and 50 billion electron volts (GeV) and will locate celestial sources to within about 10 arcminutes.
5 billion electron volts, then hurl them at target atoms in an extremely intense beam.
The astrophysicists, including a group from the Department of Physics in Arts and Sciences at Washington, say that the pulsed gamma rays had energies between 100 and 400 billion electron volts (Gigaelectron volts, or GeV), far higher than 25 GeV, the highest energy radiation from the nebula previously detected.
Its instruments are 50 times more sensitive than EGRET and cover a much wider energy range, up to a few hundred billion electron volts.
1 and 100 billion electron volts (GeV) - or from about 100 million to 30 billion times the energy of visible light - active galaxies turn out to be only minor players.