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BIOTBritish Indian Ocean Territory
BIOTBiological Science Technician
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We look forward to the huge potential for the responsible use of industrial biotechnology in the future.
The assets Brandt is referring to are the existing local organizations and new firms connected to the biotechnology field in the northwest.
BCNJ is the voice of the biotechnology industry in New Jersey.
With hundreds of billions of dollars pumped into these precarious, high-risk industries each year, (1) physician executive opinion leaders are needed in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to help guide the complex research and marketing activities.
Agricultural biotechnology and food security" is an essential topic in the debate.
The workshop was sponsored in part by California Lutheran University, which rents out cloning kits to schools, colleges and universities so they can conduct hands-on biotechnology lessons.
They have come together to conduct an indepth study on developing a biotechnology plan for Northern Ontario," Margo Shaw, director of Upper Lakes Environmental Research Network, says.
When will the benefits of biotechnology begin to have an impact on our sector?
It is these types of advances through biotechnology that can make our foods more functional and truly benefit the healthfulness of people over the long-term," says Mary Lee Chin, a registered dietitian.
But it gets more exciting during the sophomore year when students branch into biotechnology courses.
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