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DXData Exchange (used by OPC foundation OLE for Process Control)
DXData Explorer
DXDirector's Cut
DXDirect Expansion (refers to refrigerant-type cooling coils ie DX coil)
DXDeus Ex
DXDirect X
DXDesign Exchange
DXDocument Exchange
DXD-generation X
DXData Extraction
DXDirect Exchange
DXData Register
DXDegeneration x (WWE wrestling)
DXDelta Chi (fraternity)
DXLong Distance Communications (radio)
DXDirectory Exchange
DXDigital Cross Connect
DXDigital Index (35mm film encoding)
DXDigital Exclusive (Nikkor lenses)
DXBipack (cinematography)
DXDistance Unknown (long-distance radio reception)
DXDragon Expo
DXDomestic Extemporaneous Speaking (debate)
DXDirectory of Expertise (USACE)
DXDuplex Signaling
DXDepth Excess
DXDitch Crossing (pipeline route)
DXDiscreteLogix (Islamabad, Pakistan web developers)
DXDirectorate for External Relations (DIA) (US DoD)
DXDynamic Exfiltration (Cytec Corporation/ATK-Thiokol emergency personnel evacuation technology)
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3) Bipack film is another name for integral tripack film, whose three-layer emulsion Bazin describes.
The Bipack has a diverter on the automatic infeed which puts Nichol's PET bottles - 2,3,4 and 5 litre square and rectangular containers, into lanes prior to collation after which they are automatically wrapped in cases or trays which are then glued by a hot-melt gluing system.
EDL, tel:0127 134 5351, tell us that the introduction of the Bipack greatly strengthens their range of EDL 1000 system shrinkwrapping machinery and brings a duality to the process.