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BIRTBrain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (Wakefield, UK)
BIRTBuilding Interdisciplinary Research Team (National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases)
BIRTBusiness Intelligence Reporting Tools
BIRTBe It Resolved That (debating)
BIRTBusiness Intelligence and Reporting Technology
BIRTBiomedical Informatics Research Training
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BIRT - a set of developer tools co-developed and sponsored by Actuate as a top-level project within the Eclipse Foundation - can ease visualization of results in a user friendly way.
Another factor in the decision to choose Actuate was the ability to leverage NSBSL's existing investment with IBM Maximo through seamless integration via BIRT.
Actuate will be launching a series of ActuateOne solutions based on the BIRT iHub in the coming months.
We're eager to add Quiterian's leading-edge predictive analytics and data mining capabilities to the growing set of powerful technologies that BIRT developers can use to create applications that deliver insights.
The conference goal is to show how ActuateOne and BIRT can minimize the effort needed to analyze and visualize data from virtually any source - including Big Data - and make the results available on any computer or touch device at any time.
Actuate's Dash for Gold app is a live, multinational, multilingual dashboard-creation and data-analysis app built with ActuateOne([R]) - an integrated suite of products for rapidly developing and deploying BIRT applications.
Cassandra Summit 2012: BIRT Exchange is a community site for BIRT developers who are adding reporting, analytics and business intelligence capabilities to Java applications.
Christian Brell who had the idea to develop a barcode plug-in while reading a forum post on BIRT Exchange.
Pervasive's seamless integration with Actuate, via BIRT, puts advanced Big Data analytic insights and actionable intelligence into the hands of multiple roles within an organization.
Access enriched data or intelligence from BIRT Analytics to embed into existing applications with a public API - helping organizations discover hidden insights for forecasts, predictions or patterns for future success, while keeping abreast of the competition.
Actuate provides software to more than threem BIRT developers and OEMs who build scalable, secure solutions that save time and improve brand experience by delivering personalised analytics and insights to over 200m of their customers, partners and employees.
Actuate Corporation, The BIRT Company and the leader in personalized analytics and insights, today announced immediate availability of an upgrade to the BIRT Analytics Big Data analytics platform for business analysts and business users.