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BCDBinary-Coded Decimal
BCDBirth Control Device
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCDBoot Configuration Data
BCDBolt Circle Diameter (civil engineering)
BCDBanking Consolidation Directive (EU)
BCDBuoyancy Control Device (SCUBA diving)
BCDBroadcast Communications Division (Harris Corporation)
BCDBaylor College of Dentistry
BCDBootable Compact Disc
BCDBoot Connection Device
BCDBlank Compact Disc
BCDBattlefield Coordination Detachment
BCDBlues City Deli (St. Louis, MO)
BCDBipolar CMOS DMOS (smart power IC technology)
BCDBehind Closed Doors
BCDBad Conduct Discharge
BCDBoard Certified Diplomate
BCDBlue Compact Dwarf (galaxy)
BCDBibliothèque Centre Documentaire (French: Library Documentation Center)
BCDBarrels Per Calendar Day
BCDBeirut Central District
BCDBest Can Do (computing)
BCDBuilding Control Department (various locations)
BCDBerkeley, Charleston and Dorchester (South Carolina)
BCDBig Chicken Dinner (military slang for a bad conduct discharge)
BCDBanque Centrale de Djibouti
BCDBinary Coded Data
BCDBulk Chemical Distribution
BCDBritish Columbia Dragoons
BCDBaseline Configuration Document
BCDBietti Crystalline Corneoretinal Dystrophy
BCDBistable Cholesteric Display
BCDBroadband Content Delivery
BCDBasic Christian Doctrine
BCDBacolod, Philippines - Bacolod (Airport Code)
BCDBusiness Conditions Digest
BCDBacterial Carbon Demand
BCDBudget Customer Discount
BCDBusiness Cycle Developments
BCDBadminton Club de Doullens (Doullens, France)
BCDBusiness Computer Design International, Inc (Hinsdale, IL)
BCDBlocked Calls Delayed
BCDBiological Conservation Data
BCDBlepharocheilodontic (Syndrome)
BCDBaseline Configuration Design
BCDBrown County Democrats (Ohio)
BCDBachelor of Community Design
BCDBlind Code Detection
BCDBarcode Decal
BCDBudget Change Document
BCDBattle Color Detachment
BCDBattle Correlator Display
BCDBaseline Concept Description
BCDBituminous Coal Division
BCDBattelle Columbus Division
BCDBasic Change Document (USACE)
BCDBattlefield Command Detachment
BCDBaseline Change Directive
BCDBaseline Concept Definition
BCDBiological Chemical Detector
BCDBlock Cable Diagram
BCDBusiness Component Developer
BCDBlack Community Developers Program, Inc (Arkansas)
BCDBuoyancy Compensator/ion Device (SCUBA diving)
BCDBrigade, Corps, Division
BCDBorderline between Comfort and Discomfort (vision and light)
BCDBirth Control Devices (slang for military-issued eyeglasses)
BCDBadminton Club Dijonnais (French: Dijon Badminton Club; Dijon, France)
BCDBattlefield Control Detachment
BCDBugatti-Club Deutschland (German car club)
BCDBlack Crow Designs (various locations)
BCDBehind Completion Date
BCDBlame Complain Deflect
BCDBordeaux Culture et Découverte (French: Bordeaux Culture and Discovery; Bordeaux, France)
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The effective contraceptive methods of birth control include intrauterine and implantable birth control devices followed by a number of hormone based methods including oral pills, patches, vaginal rings, and injections.
Contract notice: Permanent Birth Control Devices, Supply and Delivery.
Other signs of the emerging swinging 60s include the mention of birth control devices, indoor bathrooms, sexier nurses' uniforms and even - crikey
He brought out a concern that was ingeniously captured by the cartoon when he said that "[c]ontraceptives and birth control devices, distributed even among the young because of lack of stringent control, can lead to a generation of young Filipinos uncaring about the morality of instant sex and irresponsible in their view about pregnancies.
The mandate does not include coverage for surgical abortions, but it does include coverage for birth control pills, birth control devices and the "morning after pill," which can end newly established pregnancies.
Long-acting birth control devices are nearly 22 times as reliable as contraceptive pills or other short-acting approaches that need close monitoring, a new study shows.
We may be far away from the days when the police dragged Bill Baird off for publicly displaying birth control devices.
Religion, he asserts, is particularly harsh on women, not only lobbying against all forms of legal abortion but also restricting access to birth control devices.
Spafford relates that, as use of RFID technology is expanded, it will become increasingly easy for parties such as marketers, thieves, insurance companies, employers, bill collectors, litigants, ex-spouses, or government agencies to know your purchasing habits for such items as pharmaceuticals, birth control devices, reading materials, luxury items, alcohol, and unhealthy food.
John Volpe signed a bill that finally retired the old Comstock Law and made it legal for doctors to provide birth control information and for vendors to sell birth control devices.
In addition to battling his own church, Rock campaigned against state laws banning the sale of birth control devices.
As a result, they've got a huge wish list that includes maternity clothes, birth control devices, sex-ed models and douche bags as well as items relating to abortion, same-sex marriage, menopause, and rape and sexual abuse.