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PAcPProstatic Acid Phosphatase
PACPPipeline Assessment and Certification Program (NASSCO)
PACPPacheco Peak (California)
PACPProvincial AIDS Control Programme (Pakistan)
PACPPublic Access Computing Project (University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
PACPParents as Career Partners
PACPPakhtoonkhwa Arts and Culture Project (Islamabad, Pakistan)
PACPPennsylvania Alliance of Counseling Professionals
PACPParents Against Child Pornography
PACPPort Austin Community Players (Port Austin, Michigan)
PACPPreapproved Advanced Cleanup Program
PACPPre-Authorized Check Plan
PACPPromoting A Culture of Peace
PACPPatient Advocacy Certificate Program
PACPPersonal Academic/Career Plan
PACPPacific Power Company
PACPParents Against Cancer Plus
PACPPatient Associations for Cancer Patients
PACPPennsylvania Association of Clinical Psychologists
PACPPacific Parakeet (Aratinga strenua)
PACPPharaonic Ascension Code Practice
PACPPhysical Activity Contribution Program
PACPProject Analysis Collection Pack
PACPPublic Affairs and Consumer Protection
PACPPennsylvania Certified Paralegal
PACPProcedures for Assessment of Civil Penalties
PACPPneumatic Ash Conveyer Panel
PACPPassive Analyzer Computer Program
PACPBis-Para-(Aminocyclohexyl)propane (epoxy curing agent)