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BivoBivocational (ministers with another job)
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North American workers" here includes long-term missionaries (expected to serve more than four years) plus middle-termers (expected to serve from one to four years), but does not include bivocational associates or nonresidential missionaries--following the pattern given in the summary statistics in MH, pp.
This column includes bivocational associates (or tentmakers) from the 14th edition onward, and also nonresidential mission personnel from the 15th edition onward.
Their bivocational occupations kept them close to the soil and to the people.
During our short time together, she transformed me from a tentmaking skeptic into a convinced supporter of bivocational missions.
Anointing oil on the pulpit Preachers in black suits Preachers in golf shirts Large formal pulpit Small speakers' stands A piano but no piano player A piano played by ear A piano in tune A piano out of tune A piano played simple and quietly A piano played fast and furious A piano and a base guitar A piano, a base guitar, and a set of drums A piano and an organ that sits silent A piano and an organ played in harmony A praise band A full orchestra A bivocational preacher A preacher with no formal education A preacher with a Bible college education A preacher with college A preacher with seminary A preacher with a Ph.
Mission personnel were shifting from traditional and long-term service to bivocational and short-term.
Although bivocational ministry was pervasive in Latin America, it was a pattern often opposed by expatriate missionaries.