BJJBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu
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BJJBudweiser Jiu-Jitsu (business sponsored competition)
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We at GB believe that if everyone trained GB BJJ, the world would be a better place
Mr Araujo, who trained under legendary BJJ champion Vinicius Amaral, is on a hiatus from competing professionally and will be in Bahrain for at least a year as he recovers from an injury.
The MMA centre, based at Fitness Factor gym, is run by the Clark family - Dave, Darren and Steve - who are all high level in BJJ - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - and churn out UFC stars of the future.
The UKBJJA was formed in 2013, and the association's goal is to foster the development of BJJ at elite, community and grassroots levels, raising the profile of the sport but also providing pathways for development and involvement across communities in the UK.
Liam made a superb showing of himself and has since made it on to the UK Elite Youth BJJ Squad.
Founded by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BlackBelter and former world champion Rafael Haubert, the academy offers different levels of BJJ training and daily classes to beginners, ladies and children.
The classes were taught by Brazilian Black Belt Francimar "Bodao" Barroso and Middle East BJJ champions Gardena, Nabas and Jahed
The paper by Dr BJJ van Rensburg provides a practical approach to the patient and discusses important issues regarding management.
SIR - BJJ Jelf ("Ragwort is a killer", Letters, May 30) repeats a number of urban myths.
The effectiveness of BJJ and the Gracie family's techniques led to its incorporation in the Modern Army Combatives Program.
Bloemberg GV, Wijfjes AHM, Lamers GEM, Stuurman N, Lugtenberg BJJ (2000) Simultaneous imaging of Pseudomonas fluorescens WCS365 populations expressing three different autofluorescent proteins in the rhizosphere: New perspectives for studying microbial communities.