BkwBreakwater (nautical)
BKWBerne-Knox-Westerlo (Berne, NY; school district)
BKWBernische Kraftwerke (German: Bernese Power Plants; Bern, Switzerland)
BKWBelgium Knee Warmers (cycling website)
BKWBent Knee Walker (dolls)
BKWBeckley, WV, USA (Airport Code)
BKWBobylev-Krook-Wu (method for solving the Boltzmann Equation for a molecular system)
BKWBig Kahuna Wings (restaurant)
BKWBloody Killing Warlords (Internet game clan)
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BKW has been continually expanding its trading operations in both the Swiss and European markets.
Responsible for developing the Wood End, Manor Farm, Henley Green and Deedmore estates in Coventry, BKW is keen to be involved in local projects which engage the communities neighbouring its Spirit Quarters site.
BKW is expanding and strengthening its expertise in the area of energy efficiency, developing its know-how in the promising market for PV monitoring and the optimization of self-produced power consumption.
BKW is a third party Consumer and Commercial recovery agency based in Pembroke Pines Florida.
But the ruling was delayed after a fresh challenge by developers BKW.
Law firm HBJ Gateley Wareing has been appointed adviser to the BKW Consortium for the pounds 350 million redevelopment and regeneration of the Woodend, Henley Green and Manor Farm areas of Coventry.
Concentrating on innovative and high quality products, Inline provides to its clients products manufactured by industry leaders such as Knapp Polly Pig, Pipeline Cleaners Inc (PLC), BKW Inc, Nautronix (Helle) sub sea pig tracking and detection, Apache Pig signalers and ACECO side loading pig valves.
According to BKW Energie AG, the company responsible for maintaining the reactor, the environmental activist was not exposed to any excessive doses of radiation during the hapless incident--although he was reportedly glowing about the amount of attention drawn to his cause celebre.
Best price for Derby 12-1 Jonathan Hobbs EDEN STAR bkw d Top Savings-Aranock Val Oct 09 Trainer Barrie Draper
and Swiss energy company BKW FMB Energie AG have signed a takeover agreement for the sales activities of German subsidiary BKW Deutschland GmbH.
The BKW Consortium has hired the firm to help it regenerate the Wood End, Henley Green and Manor Farm estates in the city.
BKW Energie AG and Energie du Jura SA (EDJ) are to collaborate with GEFCO Suisse SA for construction of Switzerland s most powerful photovoltaic installation in Courgenay s industrial zone.