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88) In a much-needed and insightful book on Black women's organizations, Deborah Gray White argues that within the welfare rights movement, class was prioritized over race and gender.
Exclusive Black women's organizations, though fewer than before, continued to support the HAICR which was re-named the Jane Dent Home in 1961.
As Bernice McNair Barnett's study of two southern black women's organizations in the 1950s reminds us, one professor's access to a mimeograph machine or the ability of cooks and domestic workers to gather information in their employers' households generated increments of leverage in the on-going struggles for civil rights.
Paradigm Shifts Facing Leaders of Black Women's Organizations.
It examines the ideas of white and black women's organizations (like the General Federation of Women's Clubs and the National Association of Colored Women) as ideas, that is, as serious sources of intellectual history and political theory.
In addition, it works with black women's organizations on a local level to promote Black Radiance.
Left obscured is the interrelation between the rising black churches in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and the indefatigable efforts of black women's organizations.