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In 1999, before MySpace, Friendster and Facebook, BlackPlanet.
Viximo currently serves more than 40 brands and two dozen web publishers, now including BlackPlanet.
myYearbook and Community Connect, which owns and operates several social networking sites, including BlackPlanet.
Make a deal with yourself: Two hours of number crunching buys you an hour in the 30-Something chat room at BlackPlanet.
Entrepreneurs Jimmy "Mac" McNeal, president of Bulldog Bikes, and Omar Wasow, director of Blackplanet.
During this tenure, he led the company's Client Solutions Group and managed revenue for the leading online niche social networking sites: Blackplanet.
In almost every educational setting, student ability varies greatly," says Omar Wasow, who helped launch BlackPlanet.
So far, the site has attracted about 1,000 users solely through listings with portals such as BlackPlanet.
Intercasting's ANTHEM[TM] Platform Gives Wireless Subscribers Mobile Access to BlackPlanet.
Besides trying to do too much too quickly, UBO's Websites lacked the technology to automate updating content or to put publishing power in the hands of their communities of visitors, according to Omar Wasow, executive director of Blackplanet.
Unlike other sites in cyberspace, he maintains, BlackPlanet.