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From this category, the sinc windowed by the Flat-Top function performs best, followed (not closely) by Nuttal, Blackman-Harris and Blackman-Nuttal.
For the second case study, a number of 14 filters from all categories have been selected, as follows: Triangle, Hermite, Quadratic, Cubic B-Spline, Mitchell, Catmull-Rom, Notch, Robidoux, Gaussian, Flat-Top, Parzen, Nuttall, Blackman-Nuttall, Blackman-Harris.
Graham Blackman-Harris has been doing this for 25 years.
When it became clear that pursuing his objection could get him ejected from the courtroom, Blackman-Harris backed down.
2] on pedestal spectra, Taylor, truncated Gaussian and Blackman-Harris windows etc.
Having as starting point the experimental results reported in [13-15], it seems that some very good results have been obtained in case of Taylor and Blackman-Harris weighting windows as sidelobes reduction techniques, and therefore, these two types of PSD functions will be next used for synthesis and comparative analysis of the matched NLFM laws by the above described algorithm.
These interpolating operators are defined by the kernels obtained by dilation from known ones, in particular, such as Rogosinski and Blackman-Harris kernels.
83 dB for the flat-top Blackman-Harris window, to a considerable 3.
The FFT display allows a variety of windowing options: Blackman, Blackman-Harris, Hamming, Hanning, and Rectangular.
The Blackman-Harris window as referred here is actually the 4-termed Blackman-Harris window and Kaiser-Bessel is actually the sampled version of the Kaiser-Bessel window.
Blackman-Harris has been standing in this line the first Monday of every October since 1991.
This paper deals with some approximations by the generalized Shannon sampling series, which are defined by the Blackman-Harris (or cosine-sum) window functions.