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BLETBrotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen
BLETBasic Law Enforcement Training
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The highest content of resveratrol and its derivatives was established in the wines MeZA and PNRo, whereas the BlEt and RoEt showed results below average (Table 1).
Enviado a Roma en 1956, en 1959 Pierre Blet fue trasladado a la Pontificia universidad Gregoriana, donde se le confio la ensenanza de la Metodologia dentro de la Facultad de Historia; unos anos mas tarde, obtuvo la titularidad de la catedra de Historia Moderna.
His sensationalized book had to come out just as Vatican scholar Pierre Blet published his summary volume of the 1939-45 documents in French and English translations, showing the exact opposite of what Cornwell says.
He helped the Jews," said Father Pierre Blet, the Vatican's leading historian on the Second World War.
En el ultimo numero de la revista de los jesuitas Civitta cattolica, Blet senala que las afirmaciones de que la Iglesia sostuvo al nazismo, a la luz de los documentos de historiadores y diplomaticos, "es una pura y simple mentira".
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en nota 63, 491-538; y Pierre BLET, Les nonces du pape a la cour de Louis XIV, Perrin, Paris 2002.
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Cornwell, Blet, Marchione, Phayer, Zuccotti, Marrus, Carroll, Conway--these are some of the names in the current debate.
Pierre Blet, a Vatican expert on World War II, said in 1999 it would have been a mistake to publish that encyclical because it recognized the rights of a state to take some measures against Jews.