BLIDBedre Luft I Drammen (Norwegian: Better Air Faculties; Norway)
BLIDBureau of Livestock Identification (California Department of Food and Agriculture)
BLIDBuried Line Intrusion Detector
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For example, the board of the BID or BLID might be given the authority to employ options, rather than traditional zoning rules, to regulate any range of land use issues, such as the neighborhood density, off-street parking, "teardown" restrictions, limitations on the number and size of commercial establishments in a neighborhood, liquor licenses, advertising, and so on.
Michael Schumacher is as crazy about football as we all are," Podolski told reporters on Saturday at the German team's Campo Bahia headquarters in the pre-match press conference, reported Blid, before news of the former F1 driver's improved condition had been confirmed.