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BLISKBladed Disk
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The development of programs for machining of each new blisk requires about two days, taking into account the time spent on the construction of 3D models of the parts and the blanks.
Dave Ramahi, President of Optomec, said, "This award continues to extend Optomec's lead in providing a commercial system for blisk repair.
A blisk is an engine component composed of a rotor and a blade, which has been machined from a solid piece of material.
In addition, the LENS process was able to demonstrate economic viability to repair blisks that would otherwise cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.
It is a simultaneous 5-axis contouring horizontal machining center that answers all six design criteria, and then some, especially in the machining of a turbine blisk from a solid disc or forging to a perfectly finished bladed component.
GE and R-R are jointly developing an integrated high-pressure/low-pressure counterrotating turbine design, while R-R is responsible for the combustor/diffuser system, gearboxes, and an advanced high-pressure-ratio, long-chord, hollow, titanium blisk fan.
Among those who agree that Lockwood's prospects for continued success are bright is David Blisk of Vienna, Va.
diameter) fan blisk design, while the engine also covers a composite fan case, similar to those formulated for the GEnx engines in prwith the Bombardier engine oduction for the Boeing 747-8 and 787, and is encapsulated within an integrated propulsion system from Nexcelle, a joint venture between GE and Safran.
The high pressure compressor's first three stages feature a blisk design.
The latter is completely dedicated to five-axis impeller and blisk machining.
A wide-chord, compound, swept front fan blisk, along with composite outlet guide vanes.
The Passport engine for the Global 7000 and Global 8000 business jets will produce up to 16,500 pounds of thrust and incorporate advanced technologies, including a composite fan case and a front fan blisk that is designed to reduce weight and lower cabin noise and vibration.