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BLITSBall Lens in the Space (satellite; various locations)
BLITSBase Level Information Transmission System
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Teams looking at the event had to work backwards to review archival satellite data and determine what piece of space debris could be large enough to cause a change in orbit in the BLITS satellite.
CNAFR originally developed BLITS in 2001 to track custody of repairable aviation components inducted into the Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA) repair cycle.
Suzuki came up with Suzuki Smash and Kawasaki with Kawasaki Blits also in competitive prices.
As die indoenas weer gaan veg, die bulte lewe van hul wilde dans, die skilde kletter en asgaaie blits hoog in die son dan slaap jy nog, dan slaap jy diep, jou vere wyd verstrooi deur son en rein, jou lyf wat sag geglim het net soos koper, dan weg, en jy?
twin studies by Thomas Bouchard), and at the University of Delaware (over research by Linda Gottfredson and Jan Blits on employment
Petersburg, Russko-Baltiiskii Informatsionnyi Tsentr BLITs, 2000).
On the importance of enlightenment for Hobbes, see Blits 1989, 426-9; Johnston 1986, 91-2, 101, 120-33, 213; Kraynak 1990, esp.
En 1996, a la demande d'un groupe communautaire oeuvrant aupres des femmes, BLITS a anime deux groupes composes uniquement de femmes.
Gottfredson (1986) and Jan Blits (Blits & Gottfredson, 1990a,b), in
Oom Johnnie en die ses suiplappe, sewe suiplappe altesaam, 'n halfdosyn dronkgatte almal saam Blits innie fles en blits innie lyf, die bottel staan en blits in die son.
Bydd pob un o'r sioeau yn canolbwyntio ar wahanol genre o gerddoriaeth, gan gynnwys cerddoriaeth y byd ffilm, y sioeau cerdd, caneuon opera, cerddoriaeth Gymreig ac Americanaidd a cherddoriaeth cyfnod yr Ail Ryfel Byd, i nodi 70 mlynedd ers Blits Abertawe.
On stand number 7N3-10, a range of Sonifex audio products are on view including the new version of the RM-4C8 monitor, a new 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier and a BLITS tone generator for use with surround sound systems.