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BLOGWeb Logging
BLOGBetter Listings on Google
BLOGBuy Locally Owned Group (Canada)
BLOGBig Load of Gossip
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The categories include Best Blog, Best Writing on a Blog, Best Political Blog and Best Community Blog.
Puschmann claims that the agenda-setting in a blog is not tied to a fixed and clearly defined audience.
Best Designed Catholic Blog, Best Group Blog: "New Liturgical Movement"
The objective of a blog should be to develop a trusting and engaged ongoing readership.
net to create group blogs for the 2008 presidential candidates.
Soon everyone will have to take a stand, as Jeff Jarvis has, planting a stake in the ground as far as his blog was concerned, with four clear statements:
Alternative Energy Blog (AEB) posts discuss ethanol, wind power, biodiesel, plug-in hybrids and the drawbacks of "clean coal" technology.
Editor Paul Finch has started up a blog on the arplus website.
Blogging combines the best of solitary reflection and social interaction (Eide Neurolearning Blog 2005).
I am going to start by mentioning a couple blogs about blogs so you can get to learn more about this medium, and I will also feature a blog that focuses on RFID.
Simon chatted up former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle and former CIA Director James Woolsey for video-enhanced blog posts, filmmaker Andrew Marcus visited Rep.