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BFBBattle for BFDI (Battle for Dream Island; gaming)
BFBBest Friend's Brother
BFBBiofeedback (medical care)
BFBBacterial Fruit Blotch (disease)
BFBBeer for Breakfast
BFBBubbling Fluidized Bed
BFBBundesverband der Freien Berufe (German: Federal Association of Liberal Professions)
BFBBusiness and Finance Bulletin (various schools)
BFBBest Friend with Benefits
BFBBig Fat Ballon
BFBBlood for Blood (Band)
BFBBest Friend's Boyfriend
BFBBroken Family Band
BFBBush Fire Brigade (Australia)
BFBBertrand, Foucher, Bélanger (religious supply company; Canada)
BFBBattlefield Brothers (gaming community)
BFBBarefoot Bay (Florida)
BFBBringing Families Back (Las Vegas, NV)
BFBBalanced Failure Biasing
BFBBiker Friendly Bar
BFBBroad Flange Beam
BFBBig Freakin' Baby (polite form)
BFBBeads for Boobs (Mardi Gras)
BFBBike Freaking Bike (polite form; slang for any large displacement motorcycle)
BFBBASF (Badische Anilin und Soda Fabrik) Future Business (Germany)
BFBBrutal Floating Behemoth (video game character; Bloons Tower Defense)
BFBBig Fat Bummer (Internet slang)
References in classic literature ?
Norman of Torn could not have translated this feeling into words for he did not know, but it was the far faint cry of blood for blood and with it, mayhap, was mixed not alone the longing of the lion among jackals for other lions, but for his lioness.
I had taken blood for blood, and it was not Corbucci who had killed Faustina.
Talking to a Private TV channel, the family has demanded blood for blood, while the maternal uncle, cousin and sister of deceased Shumaila, Sarwar has said that even the deceased Shumaila wanted blood for blood, and vowed never to forgive killer American Raymond Davis, until he was hanged.