BLSEBêta-Lactamases a Spectre Élargi (French: Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamases; microbiology)
BLSEBanja Luka Stock Exchange
BLSEBattle Lab Support Element
BLSEBaltic Logistic System Eesti (Estonian: Baltic Logistic System Estonia)
BLSEBasic Life Skills Education (Secondary Education for Seniors; Suriname)
BLSEBasal Layer of Skin Epithelium
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The committee continued to work with exam consultant Karen Barbieri, and the exam specifications were revised to comply with new BLSE scoring requirements and to incorporate recommended changes in question structure.
Secondly, the BLSE requested and has now received support to shift the majority of its public relations efforts from an internal focus that encourages lawyers to apply to an external message to better enlighten the public.
Within subdivision (a), Meetings, revises to improve language and adds that the BLSE chair will disseminate a meeting calendar to BLSE members at the beginning of the fiscal year.
In pursuit of that mission, the BLSE oversees the award of board certification, evaluates and accredits continuing legal education, and ensures that all Florida Bar members comply with the educational requirements established by the Supreme Court of Florida.
Each BLSE member takes on committee responsibilities, liaison duties with certification committees and section councils, and a demanding schedule of board meetings, conferences, and correspondence.
In 2008-09, the BLSE also oversaw compliance with rules requiring approximately 2,500 new lawyers in Florida to satisfy the basic skills course requirements, designed to assist in the transition from law school to the practice of law.
As part of the revamped program, the BLSE sought to develop a public information program to inform legal consumers about voluntary board certification and how it can be used in evaluating a lawyer's expertise and professionalism.
I would also like to thank Robert Feldman as our BLSE liaison and Brian Burgoon as our Board of Governors liaison.
A motion followed to recommend to BLSE that certification applicants be required to meet the pro bono standard in order to be certified or recertified.
The BLSE created the Anstead award in 2005 to recognize "exemplary professionalism and excellence in the practice of law and character and commitment to the Bar's board certification program.
In the meantime, given the outstanding response, in November 2005, the committee presented a proposal to the BLSE to extend for another two years the examination waiver for attorneys with more than 20 years experience in antitrust and trade regulation.
First, in addition to writing about the exemption in our last annual report, which was read by several potential applicants, including the one recommended this year to the BLSE to be board certified in antitrust and trade regulation, we also published a notice in The Florida Bar News prior to the 2004 application period.