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LONDON -- RFMD's UltimateBlue(TM) Portfolio Enables New Class of Bluetooth Applications For Next-Generation Cellular Handsets
Consumers now expect their mobile handsets to incorporate Bluetooth, a demand which device manufacturers have understood and built into their designs.
By using the same established Bluetooth communications protocol stack and profiles above the new UWB PHY, the new Bluetooth standard will allow devices to interoperate at very high data rates when deployed in different end equipment.
Two years ago, CSR completed the development of the world's first Bluetooth ICs with integrated DSP co-processors and Audio Codecs to enable higher quality audio and these are now in volume production.
Besides these companies, nearly 2,000 others worldwide have adopted Bluetooth for a cornucopia of soon-to-arrive and blue-sky devices.
BCHS ensures that existing processing power already in the DAP (digital audio player) can be utilised for Bluetooth, thus providing the most cost effective way to implement Bluetooth in today's consumer products.
Bluetooth chip unit and revenue forecasts by Bluetooth type annually through 2010 are also provided.
Razvan Olosu, Vice President, Enhancements, Nokia, said, "The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-800 is our first Bluetooth headset to feature Bluetooth v2.
Razvan Olosu, Vice President, Enhancements, Nokia, said, "The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-200 enhances everyday mobility by combining the highest quality Bluetooth technology with simple and functional design.
AFH identifies "bad" channels where there are either other wireless devices interfering with the Bluetooth signal or where the Bluetooth signal is interfering with another device.
James Collier, CTO of CSR commented that, "UWB is the next logical step for Bluetooth development.