BOODBooch Object Oriented Design (software design method)
BoODBoard of Operating Directors
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Now the well born bachelors of her set, having more blue bood, but much less wealth, than they needed, admired her, paid her compliments, danced with her, but could not afford to marry her.
An parsa pedar An pedar bartarin pesar Az bartarin tabar Dar telavat ghoraan Hamre zendani bood Dar khane Dar shahr Dar havay azad Va dar mohasere mileha (Roshangaran Sobh; 13)
It consisted of chambers, valves, tubes to carry the bood and a connection to the pump.
Uit zijn verhaal blijkt dat Warschau voor hem ook geen hoop voor de toekomst bood, hoewel hij in rechten afgestudeerd was.
Brian Welter is a freelance writer and bood reviewer.
e song u used to sing to Kelly and me xx bood bood ding ding everybody sing sing xx u know what i mean haha.
Recent signing from Bridgnorth Town Liam Bood netted his first goal for Tipton after coming off the bench.
Physical examination was remarkable for hypertension with a bood pressure of 132/89.
the interesting thing that i have to say about the bear is that he's an astral for an indian someone has invented for him-self an astral that speaks for him in the form of a bear in some indian legends a bear is a healer, not that paw has ever done any healing for me,"* but his instructions were bood, except at the beginning he really wasn't doing too much after four weeks when the sun came out and it got really hot he walked out in full brown fur saying, "see you on the plane ma" * but I have felt his real self sending me bliss
Included in the fine art offering in the showroom are oil paintings by Alexandra Renoir, Henrietta Milan, Cynthia Bryant and Phil Epps, plus sculptures by Jason Bood, Ed Shaw and George Ernest Vonderlinden.