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BOABBank of Africa-Benin (est. 1989)
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The newspaper said it had called on local authorities to take measures against Boab, but they had responded indifferently.
Come shoot's end, Bolten-Boshammer gave her famous tenant a diamond encrusted 18-carat gold pendant in the shape of a boab tree.
Sensitive stomachs might care to turn away at this point as, having a slap-up excremental nosh, an embittered Boab proceeds to wreak revenge on those he reckons have done him wrong.
And, of course, I'm hoping Shellsuit Boab will be able to put up with sharing a dressing room with me for another year
The tapes that AIATSIS has acquired are recordings of Jack Wherra, an artist notable for his carvings of boab nuts.
A range of features at the site express elements of the longer narrative of Emu's journey, including the clusters of young boab trees which grow at the base of the cliff, said to be the contemporary manifestation of the emu's chicks.
JINGS, crivens, help ma boab this is a night of my life I'll never get back.
Officers researching the history of Fife Police are convinced they have unearthed Marnoch as the true inspiration for the long-suffering cartoon cop who is forever being given the runaround by Wullie and pals Fat Boab, Soapy Souter and Wee Eck.
Balfour (1951:274) exhibits the contents of one such wallet, which includes small lumps of prepared resin, sinew, boab fibre string, stone, bone and wooden tools for manufacturing spearheads, as well as partly worked and completed stone and glass points.
The originator of the message was quickly smartened about the blooper by a few of the group members - maybe it was Edward Reid fae Britain's Got Talent or Big Boab fae River City, I can't mind.